16 things all girls do (but will never admit to)


Boys often wonder whether girls are really the picture perfect beings on Earth with no flaws. But they try and try and yet can’t really understand how can anybody have no gross habits. Well boys, here’s a little secret, we too do tons of gross things but we don’t talk about it in the open. There’s a list of few gross things that all of us do but never talk about it!

Girls are really interesting creation. Add a little obsession, a dose of jealousy, pint of drama, a big amount of cuteness and a huge pile of complications. It’s the little things that could make them happy or bring her mood down to zero. No one’s perfectly been ever able to understand a girl, not even their own wives or daughters.

Here are 10 things girls are guilty of doing. And they don’t care if you judge them for it. It is not necessary that every girl will relate to these 10 points, but most do.

Secret Gross Things That All Girls Do But Don’t Talk About

1. Girls really like to wear the same bra for at least a week! Ikr!

Bonus: Wearing that one bra about once every six weeks because it’s the only one that works with a certain top, and never actually washing it.

(Putting a bra in the washing basket, and then taking it out again when you realise how uncomfortable all your other ones are.)

2. Examining your tampon after it’s been “in you”.

3. Getting your pubes trapped in a pad’s “wings.”

4. They really like to play with their pubic hair in a totally non-sexy kind of way.

5. Still wearing those old knickers that have a hole in it, because who won’t like a little pube ponytail!

6. Making hair art on the shower walls from all the hair that falls off your head.

7. Playing with your own breasts in front of the mirror. (Squishing them together and wishing you could get a bra that was half as good as your own hands.)

8. Owning a pair of scissors that you exclusively use to trim your pubes.

9. Removing all your pubes and then being freaked out by your nakey vagina.

10. Eating a piece of food that has fallen into your cleavage. (Storing something in your bra, forgetting about it, and only remembering it when you take off your bra that night and it just falls out.)

11. Only shaving your legs when you know they’re going to be on show.

12. Shaving your toes. (Forgetting to shave your toes)

13. Plucking your nipple hairs.

(And the ones around your belly button.)

14. Picking your nose and playing with the boogie in the washroom to kill time. (Cause you’re only allowed to do that it the washroom!)

15. Smelling the armpit of the top or the crotch of the jeans just to see whether you can get away with another wear before giving it a wash.

16. Never ever washing the blusher that you’ve using for the last 10 years!